At Footsteps to Futures we provide high quality psychology services to our young people.

Psychology at FTF

We believe that this is an essential part of how our children and young people learning how to cope with the previous emotional and physical traumas they have experienced in their lives. For more information, contact our team on 0115 8417267 or by emailing [email protected]


Our services

The psychology service offers the following as part of our therapeutic framework:

Robust Baseline Psychological Assessments

These are completed within the first two months of a young person’s residency. They contain the following information; a case history, clinical interview, behavioural observation, psychometric assessment, case formulation and a recommended therapeutic plan.

Tailored Therapeutic Plans

Throughout a young person’s residency a therapeutic plan is tailored to them based on their treatment needs. This is a working document which developed over time based on the young person’s thoughts and feelings.

Psychological Group Programmes

Evidence based group programmes are delivered by the psychology service. These group programme can focus on the following; self-esteem, substance misuse, child sexual exploitation, mindfulness and many more. All group programmes are structured using psycho-educational and psychological principles. Post treatment reports highlight the progress and outcomes made by the young people in these groups. Furthermore, they are provided with a detailed workbook to consolidate their learning.

Psychological Support

Staff at Hilltop House receive psychologically informed support sessions to aid their work with the young people. Staff receive regular psychologically informed training and consultancy from the psychology service.


The psychology service offers consultancy through attendance at multidisciplinary meetings such as CSE meetings, LAC meetings and helps to keep those involved in the young person’s care psychologically informed.

Audit and Evaluation

This informs our evidenced based practice and provides us with data on the outcomes of our young people. We also have a commitment to share good practice with others.

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