About us

Footsteps To Futures is an independent children's home care provider. Find out more about us below.

About Footsteps

Footsteps to Futures provides therapeutic living environments and support for young people in the East Midlands. We are committed to improving the lives of young people and children with emotional and behavioural difficulties by providing warm, safe and therapeutic living environments. Our aim is to offer all members of the Footsteps To Futures Family the best opportunities in life through emotional discovery, teaching life skills and supporting them in building their social skills.


Who are we?

Footsteps To Futures is an independent therapeutic residential children’s home provider, operating homes across the East Midlands. We’re committed to improving the lives of young people. who experience emotional and behavioural difficulties and mental health related issues and require additional support.

What we do

We provide safe, warm and therapeutic living environments for young people up to the age of 18 years old. Our core focus is to provide care and support that we feel the young people deserve and need in order to thrive and live the best lives possible. By supporting our young people, we help guide them through their own emotional discovery, teaching them life skills or supporting them in building their social skills. And for older children, we prepare them for adulthood and independent living.

Support through care

We fully believe in quality over quantity, and our vision is to create a high-quality service that can achieve the best outcomes for all children and young people that step through our doors. As an independent provider, we are able to focus our resources more effectively on the outcomes of our young people, through a bespoke and individualised care plan that suits their needs and works towards positive outcomes.

Our homes

Footsteps To Futures operate homes across the East Midlands, providing safe, caring and nurturing living environments for the children and young people. Our homes offer residents the ability to live and learn in a relaxed atmosphere and all our homes have multiple spaces which allow for recreation, one-to-one work and on-site staff accommodation.

What people say

Here are just a few testimonials from stakeholders about the high quality care and training we provide:

"It is one of the best homes I have come across. Staff are always on the ball, checking on the YP. The care is excellent, so attentive to the YP and caring and respectful."

Julie S.

Teacher of child in our care

"Footsteps is a remarkable company that have offered great opportunities to their staff and the young people in their care."

FTF staff member

Holly Lodge

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